Virago Intercontinental Trades, Inc. | We Bring Global Artisanal Treasures to the Local Health-Conscious Consumer

About Us

VIRAGO: [Latin virāgō] A woman of strength or spirit.

Virago Intercontinental Trades brings global artisanal treasures to the local, discerning consumer. We cultivate relationships with unique merchants whose specialty goods translate into a cultural lifestyle.

We are driven by an untamed, relentless passion for finding artisanal treasures in the smallest pockets of the world. Anyone can travel to Paris and find a chocolatier, but we explore the world from the most remote villages to the tallest mountain ranges to uncover those hidden gems that everyone wants but no one knows how to find. Our mission is to challenge the consumer’s palate with new and evolved flavor profiles while always staying true to the artistry of the producers whose inspired recipes span generations.

Based in Los Angeles, California, we specialize in chocolate and nougat imports and insist on personal interaction with each and every potential partner. From understanding the nuances of the flavors and ingredients to touring their facilities and meeting the people behind the production, we know our business partners.

As a full service importer, we provide complete import/export consultation and brokerage services including: supplier buyer identification; purchasing; contracting; marketing; warehousing; shipping; delivery, and follow up service analysis.